Some Housekeeping

Life happened and this personal project of a blog set to moldering while life hit me like a train wreck, several times. However! This semester (my last praise all the listening gods) I am taking a creative writing course for funsies- and the GPA boost, so I have decided to store any interesting writing exercises and other tidbits that are created but not good enough for class here.

Over the winter break I traveled the coastline of the entire Iberian peninsula in 13 days, and also spent time in Germany and France. It was intense and I saw so much- so I will be using my collection of some 6000 photos to produce both a travel write up and place specific writings over the next couple of weeks/months. I am lucky and the writing workshop I am enrolled in is based around an exploration of how place grounds writing and I have permission to use this travel blog/thing as my weekly place journal. I will be posting first each rough piece with its accompanying visual fodder and interesting historical/geographical facts, and then at the end the pieces will be made into some sort of coherent project- I’ve been toying with the idea of an interactive map.  Ideas/feedback is ever welcome.

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