Burned Bridges: Novel Progress

It had been cold, a kind totally out of place on one of maybe three flirting-with-the-the freezing-point nights that Houston ever saw in January. A bitter air that made it hurt to breathe. The type of cold that paralyzes your limbs in arctic water.

Maura Byrne remembered the cold more than anything.

She remembered the horrifying tug like having her intestines pulled out through her navel when the witch ward had activated, and the last of the safety sigils—carved by her grandmother, Chi-An Pham, into the timbers of their home—lighting up with copper fire before bursting, like fist sized flash bangs, when the last of the power Chi-An Pham could push into the material world burned out.

She remembered her confusion and blinking away the spots dancing in her vision.


So while my Epic Fantasy AND THEY CALLED HER STORMBRINGER is out to Beta Readers,  I’ve decided to do an overhaul on my urban fantasy wip from last Nanowrimo BURNED BRIDGES. Here’s a taste of the current opening lines. My brain decided to be super helpful while I was wrapping up edits on AND THEY CALLED HER STORMBRINGER by flinging me fun new head cannons for Burned Bridges when I desperately needed to focus on cleaning up side character arcs. Consequently, I actually have a very good idea of my big changes for Draft 2.

  1. Witches become Bridges an in-universe explained kind of magical entity. Witch was always a shorthand for magic user that never really fit
  2. Sorcerers become warlocks, they make pacts with supernatural beings for power, fits better with current fantasy lore.
  3. I’m tired of police/law enforcement aggrandizing media, my FBI agent is going to become a warlock member of the council of magical entities that work to ensure the human and magical accords are not broken and that the magical creatures present a united front to humanity
  4. Every character that can be turned into a woman is going to become a woman. I need more strong relationships between women in my life.

Really hoping to get back to positing semi-consistently here. I swear I keep writing, I just get stressed and sit on the work like a dragon guarding my hoard. Besides that life happened. I moved, I got engaged, I got a promotion that required me to move again, I bought my first house,  and now I’m two months out from my wedding, which may just kick off a family feud so of course this is a great time to revitalize my writing blog!


G.A. Buba