Gabriella Buba is a writer and chemical engineer who likes to keep explosive pyrophoric materials safely contained in pressure vessels or between the covers of her books. She has had fiction and non-fiction short stories published in the Literary Magazine R2: The Rice Review, and has completed several creative writing courses at Rice University.

She offers sensitivity reading services from her perspective as a queer bi-racial Filipino Asian-American, feel free to email or DM her for information on her rates.

Feel free to read those short stories for free online in the 2012-2013 and 2014-2015 editions. Link: R2: Rice Review

An avid traveler, Gabriella loves to find the everyday magic in the world, whether that means mushrooming in the pacific northwest, reveling in the weight of history and culture of the mosques and churches of Istanbul, or breathing in the natural majesty of camping through Scandinavia.

She can be contacted at gabriellabuba@gmail.com or on twitter  @GabriellaBuba

Also check out her Patreon for exclusive content and early access to posts


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    1. Thank you, Halla, the new years goal is to be more active on my blog! I’m working on alot of exciting fantasy projects and I’m excited to share


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